What We Do

We create web application solutions to meet customer's requirements. We first started by creating Yu Creation Content Management System (YCCMS) to replicate CMS used by companies with big budgets. We then recreated tools used by enterprise companies with dedicated and functional personnel by stripping down the fancy add-ons and reducing the essential complexity. Finally, we integrate with the latest technology companies to provide small companies the competitive edge against bigger companies.


Yu Creation Content Management is a web content mangement platform written in 100% Java. It is the framework that all tools, modules, and integrations are built on. The framework controls the core of the website while modules extend the functionality of the website with simplicity. All solutions become reusable modules and usable by all customers.


We integrate with the most innovative companies in their sector that is also the most affordable.

Data Analytics

Credit Card Processing

Social Reviews

Social Media


Select a unique module or modules to use at an affordable price.


Connect with your customers via email distribution. EasyML is a simple tool to allow customers to subscribe or unsubscribe to email list of various categories created by the administrator. Administrator can freely distribute and advertise information such as discounts, coupons, annoucements, and various other information.

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