Case 2 - Tamales On Demand
Austin Tamales is a new home-based food business in Austin, Texas but the owner is not a new comer. Ms. Flores had been in this business for many years and was very successful. Her original business started in Mission, Texas and during that time marketing was either through advertisement on newspaper or word of mouth. Since the business was only a small business, word of mouth was the most cost effective. Through many years, her customers grew and delivered tamales to neigboring cities and as far as Japan. After moving to Austin, Texas she lost all her clients and now she wants to start getting clients with the help of the internet techonolgy. Ms Flores, contact Yu Creation for assitance. Austin is a big city with a population of nearly 900k (2012) spreading across 297.9 sq miles area and this is problematic to advertise through word of month and to have a effect delivery route. To tackle this problem, Yu Creation created Easy Mailing List (EasyML) web module with conjunction of Google AdWords. Google AdWords will put Austin Tamales in the world most popular search engine, Google, and will have Austin Tamales name in tamale searches in the Austin area. Once the customer is drawn to the website, EasyML will allow visitors to subscribe to a newsletter categorized by Austin regions. The mailling list will allow Ms Flores to contact customers categorized by region and setup a delivery schedule with them. We believe these stratagies will allow Ms Flores business to grow quickly and cost effective and create an effective strategy to deliver fresh tamales to her customers.
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