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2011.12.28 (21:53)
This week we have been busy migrating all our clients to a new cloud server. The new server is faster with no change in cost and performance. This benefits our clients and management team. Customers will experiences faster services and our management team can consolidate all clients into one location. Previously we had to run two servers to host all our clients!

Server Spec
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz
2GB Ram
100GB Hard drive
2010.05.26 (01:59)
Today we moved Yu Creation website in to the Cloud and this proved that YCCMS works with Cloud Servers! With four virtual dual quad core processors and a pipe faster than T1, we can now provide better and faster services.
2010.05.20 (06:03)
It has been a while since we updated this site due to various projects and priorities, but we are back for a bit. The current design runs on optimized code and cascade style sheet to work with the most up-to-date server software. We spent hours of coding and testing to make sure it will work with the new software upgrade. Along coding and testing, we also spent some time to reorganized all our clients. We made sure all of them are running the same YCCMS code version and same server software. We hope the change will help us in maintaining our clients and provide better services. Also there are two major changes to YC. We no longer host our own email and no longer use access log to generate web statistics. We moved both of the to Google and we hope to do more integration in the future. Stay tuned for a new flash movie above....
2008.10.20 (17:11)
It has been a little more than two months, and three more modules are completed! These three modules are FC (Fortune Cookie), Poll, and SBox (Suggestion Box). We believe these modules will make a website even more interesting and complete. FC allows the webmaster to record and manage various fortune cookie messages collected from fortune cookies and share them with the users. Poll allows the webmaster to create and organize simple polls with minimal coding. As for SBox, it will do the same for the webmaster, but it will manage various suggestion boxes and its recipients. We hope these modules will keep you satisfied for rest of the year as we move on to other projects. Remember to VOTE!
2008.08.11 (06:24)
New Yu Creation website is released, running YCCMS 2.0. We hope this new release will serve you better and make this site more interesting. Currently there are three modules running, the eForum (Electronic Forum), my garage (iStore from YCCMS 1.0), and ESR (Electronic Service Request). Have fun using our service and report any bugs you find. Thanks and ENJOY!
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